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A Cure for Confidence

February 3, 2015
Angled Approach, 8x10, Oil on Canvas Panel, SOLD

Angled Approach, 8×10, Oil on Canvas Panel, SOLD

For the last six months I’ve been exploring painting subject matter that is new to me – landscapes. The learning curve is often fraught with emotional highs and lows as I sift through what works, or more notably, what doesn’t work.  Some days I emerge from the studio victorious.  Other days are a wash in the literal sense as I end up wiping a days worth – or sometimes the entire week’s worth of work off and pretend in my mind that it never existed.  I do know however, that in the big scheme, win or lose for a day or a full week’s work, it all counts as hours of experience at the easel.

Recently, after wiping painting after painting off, feeling totally defeated, I felt that I needed a confidence boost. So I painted a horse.

Tobiano Side, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

Tobiano Side, 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel

It went so well and I felt so good, I painted another angle of the same horse.

Tobiano on an Angle, 8x10, Oil on Canvas Panel

Tobiano on an Angle, 8×10, Oil on Canvas Panel

In all, I painted three horses in a week and a half, and with each painting I felt my confidence rebuild enough to face being green at my landscapes again.

Neskowin Sunset from The Breakers. 6x6 Oil on Canvas, SOLD

Neskowin Sunset from The Breakers. 6×6 Oil on Canvas, SOLD

This week, the pattern is repeating itself.  Thanks for checking in and remember to check  Etsy shop for all available artworks.


Diving In

June 11, 2014
'Tony - for a Friend'

‘Tony – for a Friend’

Next week I am traveling to Bend, Oregon for a five-day Plein Air painting workshop with Colorado based artist Kim English.  Shockingly, it’s been 2 1/2 years since I was a student in a workshop, vying to learn some new tricks.  I’ve had such little time to focus on my art in the last year, it seems like heaven to check out of life’s daily routines to submerge myself in art again.  After many months of rehab from my back surgery, I am hoping painting all day, everyday, for five days, won’t be too much of a shock to my body.  I think perhaps my excitement and desire to be productive again will be enough to block any nerve flare ups.

I have done a few paintings to warm up. ‘Tony’ (above) was my first horse painting. It had been a year since I had painted anything beyond a tennis ball.  I will admit to feeling very rusty! I had a hard time even remembering my palette and how to mix my colors. However, I decided not to berate myself and take it as a chance for re-invention, rather than fall into old habits.  ‘Tony’ was painted as a gift for my friend Juliet. It only seemed fitting that my first painting back at the easel be for a friend.  It eased the pressure, made the entire process feel good, knowing what a delight it would be to surprise a friend.

'Neskowin' - first landscape..ever..

‘Neskowin’ – first landscape..ever..

Since we will be painting Plein Air next week, I figured perhaps I should try painting a landscape as warm up.  Neskowin, Oregon is one of my favorite places on the Oregon coast, it felt like a great place to start.  My first ever landscape and I don’t think it’s horrible…awesome!! Yes, there is room for improvement, I’ve already given this painting a critique, but I am confident with practice, I could further my skills.  Tomorrow I plan to take my easel into the garden and actually try painting something simple from life to further prepare myself for the workshop.

'Chief' - Image Transfer Print, 8x10 on wood panel

‘Chief’ – Image Transfer Print, 8×10 on wood panel

As I am rebuilding my portfolio, I  have found a creative way to offer prints to my clients.  I have been enjoying experimenting with Image Transfer Prints. Using acrylic gels and paper prints, this process provides a one-of-a-kind way to offer reproductions.  Portions of the image rub off, creating a shabby chic type feel. There is a selection of images uploaded to my Etsy store  They are affordable and would look great in any setting. You really should have one..or three!! Available prints can also be found on my blog sidebar under ‘Artwork for Purchase’

'Amherst' - 6x12 image transfer print

‘Amherst’ – 6×12 image transfer print