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Freckles Continued

March 4, 2008


 I’ve added a few more layers to Freckles. Still plenty more to go. I will work until the paper is saturated with colour. Patience is key. You cannot rush and apply any layers too strongly, otherwise the paper will become saturated too soon and limit the number of layers you can continue to add. I use at least 15 different colours in my layers. Tedious yes, but in order to have a rich finish to the final work, it is necessary.


Freckles – Underpainting in Coloured Pencil

February 21, 2008


I have begun the under-painting of Freckles in coloured pencil. I have lightly mapped out the lower layers in lights and darks over the entire work. I have moved into more detail on the muzzle. I will continue to work back and forth between working on detailed sections and under layers.  The detailed sections require more intense concentration and patience, so working back and forth in this manner helps to keep me fresh.

 Stay tuned for more..thanks for looking 🙂