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A Direction and New Paintings

September 10, 2014
Klamath Basin #2x 5"x7" Oil on Canvas Panel

Klamath Basin #2, 5″x7″ Oil on Canvas Panel

Going to the Carol Marine workshop was probably the best thing I have done for myself in a very longtime. The week was exceptionally organized and presented by Carol. I left with a clarity and drive to get back to work that I haven’t felt in a very longtime.  Her preparation and work ethics resonated with how I used to work, and how much I want to work again. As a group we were amazed by Carol’s daily demo’s and thoughtful critiques of our work.  While I left knowing I did not want to pursue still-life as a subject matter for myself, leaving with a drive to create again was utterly priceless.

Klamath Basin #3, 6"x6", Oil on Canvas Panel

Klamath Basin #3, 6″x6″, Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

After waffling for sometime about what to paint, I vowed to allow myself to paint whatever is in front of me. I have files and memories of gorgeous places I’ve been, horses I’ve met and things around me daily.  I now try to leave little thought to the story about what do I do, but just get to work. When my son returned to school and I finally had steady days back at the easel again. I wiped off my first couple days of work, but sure enough, it started to come together. What I feel is a result of consistent practice back in the paints and renewed confidence.

Klamath Basin #1, 5x7 oil on canvas panel

Klamath Basin #1, 5×7 oil on canvas panel

Lastly, I am in the works of updating my web presence.  It will take some time, however all the new works above, can be found with a click on the image, or under a new category called ‘Landscapes’ on my Etsy page. Thank you!