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Unconventional Tools for Unexpected Results

December 10, 2015

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Pasty Chef Tool instead of Brushes

Pastry Chef Tool instead of Brushes

A few years ago I took a cold wax oil painting workshop.  The instructor had a tool that she considered to be indispensable to her cold wax process, a pastry chef’s dough scraper. We used it to spread layers of colored tinted wax smoothly. I have not tinkered with cold wax since, however I was experimenting in the studio with the pastry tool again.

Wildfire, 9x12, Oil on Canvas Panel

Wildfire, 9×12, Oil on Canvas Panel

In my continued experimentation with lost edges,  I seem to have a hard time breaking the habit of defining the form. Wiping away an edge takes courage, so much so for me, it was seeming contrived when I tried to do so. I would overthink it, when ultimately the result I was looking for was one of spontaneity and unexpected.  In attempt to break my habit I chose to lose the brush and pick up something that wouldn’t give brush-like results.

I loosely worked in the form with my brushes, then picked up with dough scraper.  Without trying to overthink it, I dragged the scraper over the form and into the edges. Some edges, like the legs felt they needed more definition so I went back with brush and re-evaluated.  In the end, the painting was so different for me, I put it aside for a couple weeks before looking at it again. This way I could evaluate with less of a personal connection. I discovered areas within the painting that were truly intriguing. I especially love the soft colour shifts in the hindend area,  it’s quite pretty (for lack of a better word) and harmonious to the eye.

DSC_0283 (1024x1024)

I plan to continue with these edge experiments and I am excited to see where I can go with this for future paintings.

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~ Jennifer


Just Passing Through

April 2, 2015
Just Passing Through, 9x12 Oil on Canvas Panel, Unframed

Just Passing Through, 9×12 Oil on Canvas Panel, Unframed

I’ve been playing with edges lately. For this painting I purposefully wiped edges away from the form and then put some back in. The background blending into the equine form almost feels ghostly, yet alive with vibrant color.

This painting is available, click HERE to purchase or email me, to inquire.