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Finding Inspiration?

February 15, 2012

Poetic Eskimo (Posey) 12x16 Oil on Canvas Panel

Signed, framed and ready to go home.  The portrait of Posey was created for a client turned very dear friend.  I have a few close horse friends, myself included, that have fallen for a special and sometimes “ornery” mare.  Posey is that mare for my friend ‘JZ’.  I always feel an extra warmth when creating a painting for a friend, especially one that has grown with me as an artist as well.

In the same week I completed the painting of Posey I signed (and already SOLD) this new original artwork:

"Coppered Grey" 12x16 Oil on Canvas, Unframed

There is something so electrifying about Alla Prima painting in an expressive style. Now that I have completed the bulk of my commission orders, I will spend some time in this style for a while.  Unfortunately, getting into the expressive painting zone isn’t like turning a switch on; it can be elusive.  At least the rational side of my brain knows that every artist experiences this, sometimes burgeoning on a creative breakthrough.  To help me get through this an artist friend passed this TED talk on to me, Elizabeth Gilbert (author Eat, Pray, Love) on nurturing creativity –

There seems to be so much pressure I put on myself to demand creativity, I decided to try and not be so hard on myself. I will allow myself to spend some time getting inspired and just let the creativity flow from there – if it shows up for work too  😉


Francis & Harry

February 1, 2012

Francis and Harry, 14x18 Oil on Canvas

Fresh from the easel are two commissioned paintings of mare and foal, Francis and Harry. I was more than halfway through these paintings when I left for my workshop with Vicki McMurry in Texas.  Needless to say, it was difficult returning infused with new knowledge but having started these paintings using my old palette and usual techniques. In order to maintain a cohesive look, I continued as I had completed the studies prior to the workshop.  For a detailed view of these paintings in progress – see my Facebook Album of Francis and Harry, HERE

Francis & Harry II, 14x18 Oil on Panel

Moving forward, I have to complete one final commission painting begun prior to my workshop experience. I expect her to be completed within the next week, then it’s play time to work in a new direction.  I am imagining some learning curves and a few paintings added to the canvas graveyard in the process 😉  However I am looking forward to  investigating the possibilities of a new palette and looser techniques.