2103 – A Year of Change

January 8, 2013


I am not sure how many New Year’s one gets to start in their lifetime knowing ahead that it will be a year of monumental, yet exciting change. Some of you may have felt some apprehension in my last post, announcing my family’s move to stateside to Oregon. I’ve come to embrace this change. In fact, I think all of us, including my young son are ready and excited to go sooner than later.

We had the opportunity to travel to our new home in November. That is when all worries we forgotten. We walked through forests, climbed waterfalls, ran along the Columbia Gorge, biked along the Willamette, fell in love with the coastline (understatement!) and last but not least sampled numerous outstanding locally produced Pinot Noirs =) Oregon is beautiful and I cannot wait to explore every inch of it. All that said, there is no question I will miss all my friends and loyal clientele back here in Ontario.


Fleur, Head Study, 10×10 oil on canvas

In the studio, I’ve been slowly working around household renovations to produce a follow-up commission of a young mare named Fleur. I painted her back in 2009 as a foal. It’s always so exciting for me to revisit these subjects after they have grown and started to fill out. I worked out a sample palette in the head study and begun the large final, to be 36×36 of her in motion.


Fleur, Work in Progress, Rough in Stage, 36×36 oil on canvas

Last but certainly not least, I have proudly been accepted in my third Ex Arte Equinus Juried Show. Poppy was accepted into the painting category. Be sure to check out the rest of the show of Ex Arte Equinus VI – a fantastic array of equine art from around the world. http://www.arthorsemagazine.com/exarte6/art_competition_winners6.html


Poppy, 9×12 oil on canvas – accepted in ExArte Equinus VI

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