Re-Location, Re-Location, Re-location

October 1, 2012

Twist, 14×18 Oil on Canvas, Private Commission

Two months ago I had a rare date-night with my husband. If you have young children, I’m sure you understand how special and hard to come by those nights are. While sitting cozily in a quaint, local restaurant sipping a glass of red, I confessed to my other half that I had been feeling that some kind of life changes were coming our way. Of course he asked what change?? The truth is, I had no clue!  That explained my feeling of restlessness over this possibility of change. I could not put a finger on what change was going to take place. A couple of weeks later my husband received a job offer which would re-locate our family from the Hills of Headwaters, Ontario – to somewhere yet to be determined in the USA…?

Am I part psychic (lol) or did my openness to the possibility of change allow this opportunity to come through? I’m still scratching my head over this in between my feelings of excitement, anxiety and pure terror!!! I am of course incredibly proud of my hardworking other half for his well-deserved promotion.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve networked with other families who have made similar moves over the course of their lives as well as families that didn’t take the chance – only to regret it. When I stop worrying about logistical challenges and leaving dear friends & family behind, I begin thinking from a positive frame of mind. How lucky we are have the opportunity to have a chance to live in a completely different setting. We would meet new people and explore new landscapes. Our seven-year old son surprised me the other day by stating out of the blue – ‘Mommy, I can’t wait to meet the new students at my new school’…this made me tear up, because I’ve been quite fearful over him not coping with the move and leaving his friends behind too.  I’ve since been told my many friends, that it’s parents that cope with change poorly, not kids!

Piles of Places…now where to live??

We have the option to live anywhere from the mid-west to west coast USA. Given our lifestyle and proximity to the coast, many friends have told us that Oregon might be the spot for us. After spending hours pouring over travel literature, I’ve since learned that I’ve been saying it all wrong, Oregon is pronounced ‘Or-uh-gun’…not ‘Or-ee-gone’…am I ever grateful to figure that one out before looking like a fool by possibly moving there and saying the state name all wrong!

Thankfully we have some time as this move will take place sometime in the late spring/early summer of 2013.  In the meantime we are seeking our new home, suggestions welcome! 😉

btw- in effort to clear some out before impending move – Dutch Auction is up and running – click HERE for included works.


  1. I am a bit biased, but I love Oregon. A days drive can take you from the coast to mountains with snow to desert. And if you move to Oregon, I’d love to meet you!

    • Hey Elizabeth – you are my first Oregon artist ‘friend’ =) We certainly did fall in love with the state. Still trying to figure out what part of it we should live in. We are torn between city in the SE area or Hood River. We have to be one hour or so from the airport for my husband’s commute. If you have any suggestions feel free to suggest. =)

  2. Are you thinking of a place with land or a place in the city? Portland has lots of art galleries, but it’s mostly urban and contemporary.
    You’re talking about the Portland airport, right? I think Damascus, Boring, and Sandy are nice towns that have places with land and are about an hour from the airport. Don’t go to Lake Oswego, Hilsboro, Beaverton, or Pearl District if you dislike traffic because they have terrible traffic!
    So those are my thoughts.

    • we are torn between urban living and small-ish town living. This is why we liked Hood River, because it is very active and seems to have plenty of community events, a downtown with character (we aren’t ‘burb’ people) but quieter than living right in the city. However, we would consider moving within the city just to have access to experience more of what Portland has to offer, but it sure is a big change from the city of 27,000 we live in now. We drove through Hillboro and Beaverton and they didn’t seem to have as much character as some other sections. We are drawn to a neighborhood with a downtown core or neighborhood – some historical character. Local coffee shop a local bakery, farmers market etc. We checked out Sherwood as well, but it seemed a bit lifeless – there was nobody out, walking around, shopping or chatting on street. It is one of our fears to move somewhere small town without somewhat of a pulse – because we are completely new to the area, it’s the community events and activities that will get us out meeting people and making new friends.

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