Finding Inspiration?

February 15, 2012

Poetic Eskimo (Posey) 12x16 Oil on Canvas Panel

Signed, framed and ready to go home.  The portrait of Posey was created for a client turned very dear friend.  I have a few close horse friends, myself included, that have fallen for a special and sometimes “ornery” mare.  Posey is that mare for my friend ‘JZ’.  I always feel an extra warmth when creating a painting for a friend, especially one that has grown with me as an artist as well.

In the same week I completed the painting of Posey I signed (and already SOLD) this new original artwork:

"Coppered Grey" 12x16 Oil on Canvas, Unframed

There is something so electrifying about Alla Prima painting in an expressive style. Now that I have completed the bulk of my commission orders, I will spend some time in this style for a while.  Unfortunately, getting into the expressive painting zone isn’t like turning a switch on; it can be elusive.  At least the rational side of my brain knows that every artist experiences this, sometimes burgeoning on a creative breakthrough.  To help me get through this an artist friend passed this TED talk on to me, Elizabeth Gilbert (author Eat, Pray, Love) on nurturing creativity –

There seems to be so much pressure I put on myself to demand creativity, I decided to try and not be so hard on myself. I will allow myself to spend some time getting inspired and just let the creativity flow from there – if it shows up for work too  😉


One comment

  1. My #artist friend Jenn Pratt’s #equestrian paintings r spectacular. I’ve been lucky enough 2 have her paint a few of my horses.

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