trying on prolific..?

April 27, 2010

Turned - 8x10 oil on canvas

I feel short of words in my blog posts of late ~ however there certainly is no shortage of words floating around my busy brain these days.  Only 6 weeks until my Swedish adventure and the days seem to be hurling by faster I can I fling paint at the canvas!! EEEks!!

The works I am bringing with me on my trip are a variety of smaller Alla Prima paintings, which will showcase my diverse ability as an artist. Some works are colourful and loose;   several follow a neutral earth tone palette using traditional portrait poses. Lastly,  several are unusual/different croppings, which I love!!

Foal Walk ~ 8x10 oil on Canvas Panel

As you might know, the vast majority of my time and work is devoted to my commission clientelle.  I don’t remember the last time I actually ever had more than 5 original paintings in my studio at one time. So lets just say, since I announced this trip and show a few short weeks ago, I’ve had to try on what it would be like to be a “Prolific” artist, that can produce finished work each time I step foot in the studio. There has been a few late nights here and there but I’m gaining ground and have three more Originals to share with you today ~ Enjoy and thanks for looking !

Hailey ~ Portrait Study #2, 8x10 Oil on Canvas



  1. I love the foal picture in the middle! They are all wonderful. I am sure you are pushing yourself very hard, but it looks to be well worth it!

    • Thank you :)) yes, I ‘m pushing…there is not much time left really. Oils take some time to dry, so really I have about two weeks of painting left. Then I will have to think about how I will hang them all etc…+ not even to mention the export papers etc..to get them into the country!

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