‘Po’ – Completion

August 6, 2009
'Po' - 18x18 oil on canvas, commission portrait

'Po' - 18x18 oil on canvas, commission portrait

Well, the bun is finally out of the oven 🙂 I’m off to deliver this commission of Po to his owner today. It’s been quite the journey. This painting has taught me a great deal in my process of switching medias to Oil from Coloured Pencil.

I began this painting in January, but restarted it after I took the John Singer Sargent workshop in June. I used the palette used in the workshop consisting of; Ivory Black,  Green Umber, Red Umber, Raw Umber, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre Pale and Titanium White. Ultramarine Blue was an optional colour, which I did use.

The main challenges I had with using the methods taught in the workshop were adapting the palette from humans to horses; and not being able to paint everyday. I could only work wet-into-wet in certain sections of the painting, or to a certain point then have to pack it up to get back to family duties.  Inevitably, portions of the painting would be dry or tacky when I would get back to it, so I would have to then wait until it was fully dry before I could touch it again.

This is the first ‘larger’ oil commission I have completed..okay yes, 18×18 is big for me!!  Now I look forward to moving on, knowing that my customer is happy helps too. Gran Gesto is next up for completion! stay tuned!


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  1. Congratulations!!! This piece is so beautiful! You are a great talent 🙂

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