Bun in the Oven

July 27, 2009

If you have been following my blog, you know I’ve been working a certain commission for sometime now…that would be a certain, black, warmblood gelding named…’PO”..!  You haven’t seen him in a while have you..?

Since the New Year, I had put many hours of time into his painting. However, after I completed the Sargent workshop, I decided that I would start his painting over.  Given all my new knowledge, it only seemed fitting that I use it.  I can tell you confidently now, that the painting is in the final stages toward completion..or as I like to say ‘given birth to’….I compare childbirth to painting because those final details of analyzing, critiquing and questioning one-self’s work, can often be an extraordinary, exhausting experience. Feelings that I don’t find all that different from labour..

The labour pains are this; as an artist, you get so close to your work, that it becomes difficult to judge. I’ve often left a painting at the end of the day, agonizing thinking it needed alot more work or correcting..only to return to the studio the next day to find, much to my relief, that it didn’t… And unfortunately vice versa. 😦

The birthing part is this; Once the painting is signed, and can actually call it finished, the elation that follows is indescribable. It really does seem like feel like something has been given birth to, a weight expelled, a feeling of completion, I feel exhausted, but also whole once again. I can stand back and feel, ‘wow’ I did that..what a sense of accomplishment it can be.. 🙂

At this moment ‘Po’ only needs to dry once more, then I can add a couple more finishing touches.. this would include my signature. So stay tuned..possibly for one week…?

In my downtime from working on Po, I’ve loosened up with a  few Alla Prima studies. I find working wet-in-wet, fast and in one sitting, a great exercise to free me from getting too caught up into details on my current commissions.

First one was a donkey – still wet..

Donkey Study, 8x10 Oil on Canvas

Donkey Study, 8x10 Oil on Canvas

next one was a warmblood colt, named Canadian Pacific, by the Dutch Warmblood Stallion, Pacific Star.

Canadian Pacific, 8x10 Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

Canadian Pacific, 8x10 Oil on Belgian Linen Panel

both of these you can find listed for purchase on my Etsy site HERE



  1. A very apt description Jenn! Made me smile as I totally agree:-) Like the looseness and strong palette in Canadian Pacific.Good stuff!

  2. I love the beautiful but loose style that you use. Being a graphic artist for the last twenty five years, my painting has become tight and restricting. Maybe I’ll try to use the fast, one setting technic to cure me of art tightness.

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