Commission – Beckon, at Work & at Play

March 30, 2009

I met  Andrea Scott, an equine physiotherapist (www.equinerehabserv.com) and her handsome Clyde/Thbd X, name Beckon for a commission photoshoot last June.



Beckon was a true gentleman for the shoot. I was so impressed by his temperament. The day we took the shots they were setting the farm up for a car show. Tents were being erected, and special event trucks moving about. The kind of thing that would send my mare into a fit of panic and running back into her stall!!  He stood like a dream and posed as though he was a truly special “GQ model” for the day.
Beckon - Preliminary Graphite Study
Beckon – Preliminary Graphite Study

I began with a graphite study to help Andrea decide on an appropriate layout for a traditional coloured pencil portrait.  From this, all was a go to move onto the final artwork.

Beckon - 11x14 Coloured Pencil on Panel
Beckon – 11×14 Coloured Pencil on Panel

It finished with a lovely glow, soft details and kind expression. 11×14 on masonite panel and not required to be framed behind glass. 

Done? not quite yet.. 🙂  We started a second commission of Beckon. This one very different! A bright, playful and looser oil portrait commission.  I did two small oil studies, first this *pretty* one:

Preliminary Study #1 of Beckon, 8x10 oil on canvas
Preliminary Study #1 of Beckon, 8×10 oil on canvas

and then this ‘quirky’ one:

Beckon - Study #2, 8x10 oil on canvas
Beckon – Study #2, 8×10 oil on canvas

Guess which one we did? …study #2. As Andrea put it so wonderfully; 

‘You captured the exact way he looks when he walks up to me each day. Sweet and curious!! I just love it!!”

Away to work I went, on a bigger and better version of “Beckon Oil Study #2!” I’ve been working on so many detailed glazed paintings, it was refreshing to use big brushes, big colour and let go with the medium.  The final is 12×16 oil on canvas..I love this painting and I’m pretty confident I ‘got’ Beckon.. as one friend put it; ‘At Work & At Play’

Beckon - 'At Play', 12x16 oil on canvas

Beckon - 'At Play', 12x16 oil on canvas

Hope you Love it TOO!! 



* Quick note to say, today I also added a static page for the Dutch Auction listings. This can be found in the right hand column under ‘Pages’  *



  1. You blow me away! These works give me the chills…in a good way! You are a very talented women Jennifer Pratt!!!!

  2. I agree with Lisa in the comment above!

  3. Great work Jennifer!

  4. I love watching how you put a painting together!

  5. Wonderful!!!

  6. I love the At Play painting too. It’s so refreshing being commissioned to do these different types of paintings isn’t it. Your work is so stunning, wish I had a horse and had money as I’d commission you to do a painting for me!

  7. You are amazing how you are able to capture the horse’s expressions, which any horse person knows is really their true inner selves!

  8. thank you everyone for the great comments. Really! you make my day..all the best, JennP

  9. Hey Jen: The Blog on Beckon looks great!! I feel like I have a “famous horse” when I see him on the screen! What a joy it was to work with you. You were able to capture my boy beautifully and I can’t wait to get the oil hung on my wall at home. Thanks again for your amazing gift! I am already thinking about what we can do with our new baby “Elliott”, a sweet Irish Sport horse. Thanks again, Andrea (aka, Beckon’s Mom)

  10. Wow…….
    This is so awesome Jen.

    I really appreciate you posting your work process/progress but now I really appreciate the special person you are.

    Here’s why:
    You’re a great people person, you listen to what they want but don’t compromise on your style and artistry.

    You’re an awesome animal person. No way Beckon would have been so mellow and allowed you to capture such wonderful images if he didn’t sense your good intentions.

    You’re an exceptional artist in that your range of styles is truly extraordinary. From the disciplined realism style to the playful, loose and more intuitive style.

    Thank you so much for sharing all this to us!

  11. Jenn I love the way you are handling your oils. Your CP’s have always had me in total awe. Your oils are simply growing in strength and have me wanting to see more!

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