Virtual Adventures in Montana

February 4, 2009

I’ve been sidelined. In my last blog post I wrote about my neck pain..remember that tidbit..? Well it came to a head two nights ago…excruciating pain….Today I think the muscle spasms have stopped. I’m taking it easy, painting in short sessions and have sought some therapy.

I’d love to show you what I’m working on, but because of my injury the paintings aren’t quite ready just yet.  The timing  is okay as far blog posts go, because I have something else I want to share with my readers. Just in time for Valentines and to brighten your day.

This story comes from my dear ‘cyber-friend’ Donna Ridgeway. Donna is an artist and photographer who lives in Vaughn Montana. I’m in total awe with Donna and her husband Robert.  Together travel the roads of Montana, taking pictures of all things interesting. The things they come across and the travels they have are astounding.  Talk about Adventure!!!  Two days ago, she posted images of her encounter with a black bear…click here to see  …something special about this bear 🙂

If you are on Facebook, I encourage you to be a Fan of Donna’s Nature of Montana Photography Page. She will never cease to disappoint and I won’t be surprised if tourism in Montana goes up because of her and hubby Robert!! Her page is here

Donna, keep em-coming!! 🙂 with love from your Canadian friend, JennP


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  1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for remarking on our travels and adventures…:)

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