Olympian Gran Gesto – Preliminary Study

January 19, 2009
Gran Gesto - aka 'Sammy', Preliminary Study in graphite

Gran Gesto - aka 'Sammy', Preliminary Study in graphite

Here we go..the preliminary study for Jacquie Brooks Olympic mount and dressage partner, Gran Gesto..aka ‘Sammy’.  Jacquie requested something different, a unique angle, tight crop and to capture his ‘in the barn’, puppy-dog personality. This is what I have come up with as a proposed layout thus far…and Jacquie loves it..so we forge ahead. This is good news 🙂

I envision the final work in oil, tightly detailed in the face and eye. His eye contact to the viewer of the painting is key. I like the feeling he’s playing ‘peek-a-boo’ within the image. I will keep his eye expression soft and gentle. As the painting comes forward toward the viewer, the details loosen up and become more painterly in effect over his back area ~ I don’t want the painting to be all butt-shot!! LOL..that will have to be done with how I handle the oil media. If you can picture a photograph, that is sharp in focus on his face, and the foreground out of focus, that is the way I’m headed..

I think the composition has a nice flow, a gentle ‘S’ curve along his spine leads you into the painting. It’s a little hard to describe how I envision the finished work, as it is all in my head, but hopefully the sketch and my description gives you all some clue.

Stay tuned for more!




  1. I like this too. Even though he’s standing still there’s great flow and movement. It’s gonna be gooood!

  2. Fantastic Jenn. Very emotive. Love the facial expression and the pose. You are brilliant.

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