Beckon, getting playful in Oil

January 13, 2009

I’m gearing up to do another commission of  Beckon. My client, Andrea Scott of Equine Rehab.  in London Ontario, loves her detailed coloured pencil portrait (which I did a WIP on this blog), but she also loves the my loose and colorful original painting ‘Untitled in Orange’.  So when Andrea asked for a second piece of artwork of  her Beckon, a Clyde/thbd cross, I offered to do a bright & painterly oil portrait this time around. Let’s have some fun with this one!

Preliminary Study in Oil of Beckon
Preliminary Study in Oil of Beckon

I’m in the study stage right now. I have two..maybe three compositions up my sleeve..this is the first quickie, 8×10 oil on canvas…a  good beginning, but there are a couple more layouts and colour combinations I would like to explore..stay tuned… 🙂

Have a great day!



One comment

  1. …love where this is going.. Can’t wait to see where you plan on going with Beau..

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