Christmas ‘Unveiled’

December 26, 2008
Gilly, 11x14 Coloured Pencil on Canson

Gilly, 11x14 Coloured Pencil on Canson

This drawing of a thoroughbred mare named Gilly was a Christmas gift to a trainer in Cambridge Ontario from her students. I am anxiously awaiting to hear how the surprise went over!!

FYI for all of you who got my ‘Happy Holidays’ email, I forgot to give the link to the sporthorse blog…silly me..it’s http://sporthorseartwork.wordpress.com



  1. I heard back today:

    “Hi Jenn, happy New Year. Gilly was a huge hit… She is presently hanging over Liz’s desk…. You really captured her spirit. Thank you so much! xo Erin”

  2. I was just looking back at your work and found this. I have a bay gelding named “Gilly”!!! I was sitting here telling my friend that, hey that looks like Gilly and scrolled down and about dropped my teeth!!! This horse is named Gilly!! How cool is that??? If you look on my blog you can see pictures of Gilly, he has more white on his face but OMG how neat!!!

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