Let’s get started!

May 18, 2008

I’m back! Recovered…almost…after two weeks of viruses (not the computer variety) sweeping through our household, I am finally working on the panel for Le Cadeau du Cheval again!

In the studio, I did quick, sketch mock-ups of my proposed ideas. It helped me decide which panel was going to be the better choice. I have chosen to go with the second layout, of the grey trotting…(sorry to those who liked the other better) It came together more naturally for me during the sketch process. The image seemed to balance well and I am drawn to the sensitivity in the details just waiting to be captured in the face, eyes and forelock.

Here is the first rough sketch I did with charcoal and some soft pastels. I determined the size and placement of the horse.

Then, I toned a canvas panel violet and transferred my sketch. I completed a quick study in oil, loosely mimicking the colours on the original panel. At this point things are very rough and sketch like. I just want to be sure the layout is going to work for me on the final panel.

Here is the detail in the face from the study:

So onward with it! Yesterday I transferred the sketch to the actual panel…have to admit, I am a little scared to touch the darn thing!! 🙂




  1. Hi Jennifer,
    So glad you’re feeling better. We are also. It took a while!

    My panel is 170..did you post your number? I’ll go see, if you did, I forgot what it is!

  2. Were you and Robert sick too? its certainly going around here. My panel is #205, so we aren’t too far from each other.

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