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April 30, 2015

It’s hard to believe that my last website redesign was over 10 years ago. In those days we were weren’t even thinking about mobile responsive designs for the devices we are using today.  However, I can finally say with the help of my web designer, I now have a new mobile friendly website. My blog is integrated into the website now, so no more separate sites! With the change comes some new links and I hope many of my blog followers (this means you!) will come hither!

My new domain address is http://www.jenniferprattartist.com. However, I will continue to redirect my old domain http://www.jennpratt.com indefinitely.

My new blog link is located at : http://www.jenniferprattartist.com/blog/ While I was able to import my old blog posts, I am unable, or haven’t figured out a way to import my current subscribers from this blog.  If you wish to follow my blog via email, I will politely ask you to take the link to the new blog and subscribe from the link in the sidebar.

The blog address http://www.jennprattequineartist.wordpress.com (the one you are reading this post on!) will be no longer…If you want to keep up and I’m hoping you do, mosey on over to the new link and subscribe there :) thank you, and if anyone has any issues, please don’t hesitate to email me!



My latest endeavor is making changes in my daily routine. I am making great efforts to branch out and meet more people here. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here in Oregon for almost 2 years already! It’s hit me lately that after 2 years, I still have just a small community of friends and artist colleagues here that I connect and network with. I’ve put aside time over the last month to get out there and make my world here bigger and better. This pulls me away from the solitary painting time in the studio, but in the end I am hoping will make Portland a little more home when I do retreat there.

Time outside the studio is already proving to be well spent because I finally made a ‘horse friend’ :) and did my first photo shoot here.  My models were some lovely warmbloods from a breeder in Yamhill.  Hurrah!! I finally have some new material and models to paint from!

073 (400x500)

Lovely mare from Spring Yamhill shoot


Just Passing Through

April 2, 2015
Just Passing Through, 9x12 Oil on Canvas Panel, Unframed

Just Passing Through, 9×12 Oil on Canvas Panel, Unframed

I’ve been playing with edges lately. For this painting I purposefully wiped edges away from the form and then put some back in. The background blending into the equine form almost feels ghostly, yet alive with vibrant color.

This painting is available, click HERE to purchase or email me, jennifer@jenniferprattartist.com to inquire.


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