A Cure for Confidence

February 3, 2015
Angled Approach, 8x10, Oil on Canvas Panel, SOLD

Angled Approach, 8×10, Oil on Canvas Panel, SOLD

For the last six months I’ve been exploring painting subject matter that is new to me – landscapes. The learning curve is often fraught with emotional highs and lows as I sift through what works, or more notably, what doesn’t work.  Some days I emerge from the studio victorious.  Other days are a wash in the literal sense as I end up wiping a days worth – or sometimes the entire week’s worth of work off and pretend in my mind that it never existed.  I do know however, that in the big scheme, win or lose for a day or a full week’s work, it all counts as hours of experience at the easel.

Recently, after wiping painting after painting off, feeling totally defeated, I felt that I needed a confidence boost. So I painted a horse.

Tobiano Side, 8x10 Oil on Canvas Panel

Tobiano Side, 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel

It went so well and I felt so good, I painted another angle of the same horse.

Tobiano on an Angle, 8x10, Oil on Canvas Panel

Tobiano on an Angle, 8×10, Oil on Canvas Panel

In all, I painted three horses in a week and a half, and with each painting I felt my confidence rebuild enough to face being green at my landscapes again.

Neskowin Sunset from The Breakers. 6x6 Oil on Canvas, SOLD

Neskowin Sunset from The Breakers. 6×6 Oil on Canvas, SOLD

This week, the pattern is repeating itself.  Thanks for checking in and remember to check  Etsy shop for all available artworks.


Hello New Year!

January 7, 2015
Neskowin Sunset, 6x6 Oil on Canvas Panel

Neskowin Sunset, 6×6 Oil on Canvas Panel

Happy New Year! I am still riding a high from a wonderful Christmas break spent with my family. It’s our second year in Portland Oregon and in comparison to where I was this time last year (recovering from back surgery post move!) I am feeling great about closing the door on 2014 and saying hello to 2015.

Tigger, 8x10 oil on canvas panel

Tigger, 8×10 oil on canvas panel

I was almost a roll, back in the studio after the Carol Marine workshop. I completed this painting of ‘Tigger’ for a dear friend as a wedding gift early October, came home and wound up with SHINGLES a few days later! Lets just sum that experience up to, if you have the chance to get vaccinated, do it! Worst pain EVER!! Yet another reason to wave bye-bye 2014.

Templeton Hillside, 6x6 oil on canvas panel

Templeton Hillside, 6×6 oil on canvas panel

I was able to close the year out with a couple new landscapes inspired by a trip to San Luis Obispo County in California. Also, I finished the first commission I have taken on since I have moved to Oregon. A lovely Quarter Horse mare named ‘Sassy’. It felt good to hear happy client feedback again, after a two year break from commissioned work.

Sassy, 12x12 oil on canvas panel, commissioned artwork

Sassy, 12×12 oil on canvas panel, commissioned artwork

I am working towards regular hours in my studio again.  My hope is to stay injury and illness free for 2015 so I can maintain some kind of consistency in my artwork. I continue to find myself inspired by the amazing landscapes here in the Pacific Northwest. I plan to paint whatever inspires me, whether it be a beach or a horse on that particular day. I am also working on overhauling my entire web presence. I am moving from jennpratt.com to a more formalized and web friendly jenniferprattartist.com. In the meantime my old site will continue to redirect.  So a toast to 2015, may it hold many great memories and new paintings!

Manzanita Day Break, 6x6 Oil on Canvas Panel, sold

Manzanita Day Break, 6×6 Oil on Canvas Panel, sold


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